Justice Initiatives

Race Reconciliation

Joe has made an effort to become versed in racial reconciliation efforts, including facilitating Anglo-African American dialogue, educational opportunities, and partnerships in the church and in the community. Check out these resources for more information:

For race reconciliation efforts in Georgia, see the article “Together in Fellowship

On the notion that Black Bodies Matter, see the sermon, “Christ’s Body Matters”:

Seeking the Non-Violent Ethic of Jesus as a thread in the Bible

There is no such thing as a “God of wrath in the Old Testament” and a “God of grace in the New Testament”, there is only one God from cover to cover: A God of unyielding love and grace. Even the Torah, the Law, is based on a covenant of love, and is not separate from that covenant of blessing that stretches from Abraham to Jesus.

Jesus’ own non-violent ethic as expressed most clearly in his ministry and the Sermon on the Mount was not a new idea in Jewish life, but rested on the values of God’s sanctity of life going back to the Garden of Eden and reaching into the Old Testament prophets.

We need not wrap Jesus in cultural garb, authoritarianism, and nationalism. Nor do we need to coerce faith into exclusive factionalism. We only need to trust in Jesus Christ as Lord. Check out Joe’s sermon on this topic…

In 2022, Joe taught a 17-session Bible study on the Sanctity of Life from a biblical worldview. Find the series here.