OutCry-LogoFINALAs a victim of gun violence, Joe LaGuardia and his family know first hand how gun violence affects local communities and our nation.

Joe is a part of Outcry, an ecumenical coalition of Georgia clergy that works with churches, synagogues, mosques, other communities of faith, and politicians to curb gun violence by shaping and initiating balanced, well-reasoned gun legislation.

Outcry supports the Second Amendment, but agrees that the Constitution also calls for a “well-regulated” citizenry that uses common sense and favors the sanctity of all human life.

In 2013, an irate citizen of Ross township, PA, opened fire on a town hall meeting using a semi-automatic weapon.  Spraying the room with over 30 shots fired, the perpetrator killed three people, including Joe’s father, James “Vinny,” and wounded several others.

Join Outcry, and make your voice heard…